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Google Ads Call Conversion Tracking: Why You Need and How to Set Up

Do you have call tracking set up for your PPC campaigns? Google Analytics can provide a wealth of information about a customer’s sales journey on the web. But what about leads who come to you via phone? That’s where call tracking comes in handy for PPC management services providers. Here’s everything you need to know about this valuable marketing tool.

About Call Conversion Tracking

  • There are many users who do not convert on the website but may do so after a phone call or a visit to the store. Call tracking allows marketers to look beyond website conversions.
  • Throughout your website, you have CTAs that encourage visitors to get in touch with a simple click. Call conversion tracking allows you to identify, monitor, analyze and measure calls from your website that originated from a PPC ad.
  • Regular and white label PPC management experts implement call tracking because it allows them to measure the true impact of a campaign and obtain actionable insights for campaign optimization purposes.

Useful for Which Businesses?

  • Call conversion tracking is a valuable tool for companies whose business model involves customer acquisition over phone and handling inbound calls for sales. Examples of businesses that can benefit from call tracking are those in the automotive, travel, utilities and insurance industries.
  • Call tracking is a great way for these businesses to accurately know which campaigns or keywords are generating phone conversions and which are not.

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Need for Tracking Call Conversions

  • PPC resellers and marketers know that there are many prospects who want to connect with a salesperson after clicking on an ad and landing on a website. With call tracking, you can trace the customer back to the campaign from where they originated. This allows marketers to make smart decisions about where to invest your budget and where to cut back expenses.
  • PPC resellers also use call tracking to identify keywords that are generating leads and sales. This knowledge helps them understand the search terms being used by the audience to find a product or service. It also allows them to adjust their bidding and targeting – for example, they can give more importance to high-value keywords that are bringing in calls and cut back on low-value keywords.
  • Call tracking is a vital piece in the puzzle of PPC marketing. If a business is generating conversions over the phone due to a PPC campaign, then call tracking helps accurately measure ROI. PPC management services providers use call tracking to show clients the true value of their efforts and the results thereof.

Benefits of Ads Call Tracking

Google Ads call tracking is an excellent tool because

  • It lets you filter out calls you wouldn’t consider as leads, for example, shorter calls that lasted for under thirty seconds.
  • You can select the minimum duration of a call for it to be considered as a conversion.
  • White label PPC management experts use this tool to connect phone calls with campaigns and keywords. They also use it to obtain insights into leads that go way beyond the website.

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Requirements for Call Tracking Setup

For call tracking on Google Ads, there are only three requirements:

  • That you have a Google Ads account
  • That you’re using an active call extension or call-only ad
  • That you’re operating in a country where this feature is available (at present, it’s available in many countries but not worldwide).

How to Add Call Tracking

Google You will be able to track call-only ads and call extensions by using a Google forwarded number. To add call tracking to your Google Ads account, simply log in and click on the tool icon located on the upper right-side corner of your account. Click on ‘Conversions’ under Measurement and then click on the plus button. Select ‘Phone calls’ and from there, it’s an easy step-by-step process.

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If your business is call-centric and phone calls are an important element of your PPC Google Ads campaigns, you should definitely track calls. It’s a sure fire way to understand the true value and ROI from your campaigns. For more information, get in touch with your PPC management services provider!

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