Responsive Ad Campaigns Will Rock Your Remarketing Strategy. Know How!

With their flexibility and easy application, responsive ads are currently rocking Google remarketing campaigns and Display campaigns for good reasons. Here’s everything you need to know to get a comprehensive overview of these ads.

#1 Offer Greater Flexibility

Responsive ads automatically modify their size, appearance and format to fit different ad spaces. A responsive ad campaign might automatically transform into a native banner ad on one site or a dynamic text Google remarketing ad on another site. With responsive ads, you can have your ad stand out just about anywhere across the vast network of sites that make up the Google Display Network.

#2 Solve Advertisers’ Problems

Earlier, advertisers had a huge problem coming up with viable solutions to cover the vast variety of ad sizes and types on the web. They had the option to go for text ads, specially created custom image ads or use the Google Ads ‘Ad Ideas’ gallery for generating a maximum of eight ad sizes.

Now, a single responsive ad campaign can fit almost any ad space. Just think about the potential in terms of reach and impact while saving time and you will understand why responsive ads are rocking remarketing ad campaigns and Display campaigns.

#3 Are Dynamic By Nature

Advertisers using regular dynamic Google Ads remarketing ads can enable and review responsive ads in their dynamic remarketing campaigns to improve overall performance. If you have a campaign that is attached to a feed, responsive ads can become dynamic and show personalized content to audiences from the feed that you control and update.

By updating your feed with information about new products, services, promotions or offers, you can make ads more relevant and attractive.

Responsive Display Ads

#4 Provide Greater Reach

Responsive ads rock because they work well across different device sizes and ad styles when they comply with specifications set by Google. Their ability to adjust to the type of device used by a prospect means you get more coverage across different device types. Their ability to adjust to the website ad format translates into easy adaptation and a better fit on most sites, giving you more campaign reach.

#5 Easy to Set Up but Require Testing

So, does this mean less work for regular and white label remarketing campaign creators? Although easier to build initially, responsive ads entail rigorous testing and analysis of both written and visual elements for smart optimization.

Written elements include:

  • A short headline, along with the headline that appears in place of a short headline in case of larger ads
  • And description with relevant details.

Visual elements include landscape version and a square version that ad creators get to preview. Advertisers have the option to scan the website for images, use Google Ads library of images or upload images from a computer.

#6 Automatic Responsive ads by Google

To create responsive ads in remarketing ad campaigns and Display campaigns, you will have to enter the elements mentioned above as well as landing page particulars. Google has specifications for all elements and will automatically generate responsive ads with approved elements.

Google’s AdSense program leverages the responsive design to fit available ad space. While creating a responsive ad, you can review some common layouts but not all because the Google Display Network is quite vast, covering over two million sites.

#7 The Way Forward

Responsive ads can transform from text to image format, adapt seamlessly to fit different ad spaces and offer millions of possible placements. In fact, Google Ads no longer offers the ability to make or edit new standard text ads for Display campaigns. This means that responsive ads have a crucial role to play in increasing the relevance and profitability of Display campaigns and Google Ads remarketing campaigns.

Would you like to implement responsive ads as part of your Google Ads PPC management package? Get in touch with white label PPC Google Ads management professionals!

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