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Fascinating Google Ads Remarketing Tactics For Your Business Growth

You don’t need a bank account breaking budget to obtain attractive ROI from your Google Ads remarketing campaign. There are many cost-effective remarketing tactics you can deploy to target site visitors and get them to convert.

Here are some strategies to help your business grow with remarketing ads:

#1 Tagging Appropriate Website Pages

A Google Ads remarketing campaign revolves around the audience you build by tagging your website pages. The website pages you decide to tag should depend on your marketing objectives in order to build a highly qualified audience base. For example, if you wish to increase leads by 20% in a month’s time, you should tag your best performing lead generation pages. If you wish to increase sales, tag best performing product pages.

#2 Fragmenting Ad Campaigns

Site visitors are not a homogeneous group –they have different wants, behave differently and take different actions while they are on a website. Instead of creating a single generic remarketing campaign, Google Ads remarketing professionals fragment campaigns to target audiences in different ways. Each campaign can have a separate call-to-action, different tone of messaging and niche ad copy that is most likely to appeal to a particular audience group.

#3 Optimizing Ad Size

You have no control over the websites your bounced traffic will visit – all you can do is let your remarketing ads follow them wherever they go. Different networks support different ad sizes and you can very easily lose a lead if you are using an incompatible ad size. Google Ads remarketing services providers overcome this by developing ad creative for all possible network sizes so that ads show up wherever a site visitor goes to.

remarketing ad campaign

#4 Different Strategies for Different Quality Leads

For high value leads such as shopping cart abandons or site visitors who have downloaded e-books, you should bid more to stay on top of their minds and entice them to complete a sales or conversion process. Alternately, experienced Google remarketing services providers may suggest spending less on early stage visitors and targeting them with soft campaigns to encourage them to move a step further along the sales funnel.

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#5 Nurturing Instead of Selling

Aggressive marketing is not the only approach adopted by experienced Google Ads remarketing professionals. Nurturing bounced traffic also has its rewards, such as brand awareness and customer loyalty. By creating ads that link to landing pages with useful information, you can nurture an audience till they’re ready to convert. You can focus on addressing customer concerns or offering information about product benefits to break down trust barriers.

#6 Targeting Non-Converting Traffic

There is such a thing called audience fatigue that can set in when audiences see the same ad wherever they go. If you notice a drop in CTRs during reviews, it may be time to make changes to the ad. You can make an ad appear fresh again by changing the image, call to action or ad message. You can also entice non-converting site visitors by offering incentives such as free shipping, discounts or coupons.

#7 Targeting Converted Traffic

By tagging post conversion landing pages, you can build an audience of converted customers and serve them with tailored ads. For example, you can add converted customers to your remarketing lists if you’re having a seasonal sale or coming out with a new product. Offering incentives such as free shipping will help increase sales and build strong customer relationships.

#8 Testing to Increase Effectiveness

A competent Ads professional will insist on rigorous A/B testing to develop the most effective remarketing campaign. The factors to monitor include conversions, impressions and CTRs. Depending on test results, you can make adjustments to different campaign-influencing factors such as budget, call-to-action, images, landing pages and ad creative.

If you’re ready to change tactics for your remarketing campaign, get in touch with our Google Ads management experts who can help you derive amazing ROI for your efforts!

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