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Launch PPC Campaigns in a Different Languages. Know How!

Interested in a smart strategy recommended by a PPC management expert to increase the accuracy of your PPC targeting and profitability of your PPC account? Launch a PPC campaign in another language! It doesn’t matter if your optimization goal is leads, sales or anything else, this move can increase account performance provided you have a significant audience base communicating in a language other than English.

Why Consider Another Language?

As a marketing professional, a PPC management expert understands that online buyers are more likely to purchase products/services if these are advertised in their native language. For many people, accessing product/service information in their own language is more important as a differentiating factor than price. And then there are people who never buy products unless it’s marketed to them in their own language.

PPC Campaigns in Foreign Language

Edge Out Competition

If you’re selling in bi-lingual, multi-lingual countries or countries where English is not the native language, launching a PPC campaign in a local language makes immense sense and can give you an edge over the competition. Belgium, Switzerland, USA and Canada are good examples of countries where a more than one language is used for communication purpose.

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Is Separate Campaign Justified?

Regular and white label PPC management professionals don’t blindly jump into recreating separate campaigns for each language spoken in a market. They research the amount of traffic that could potentially come from other languages. They check a client’s user browser language data in Google Analytics to see how traffic is divided by language.

They use a Search Term report to figure out traffic coming from different language search queries. They also use the Keyword Planner tool to determine traffic from potential keywords. Finally, they use Google Trends to determine which areas to target.

Optimizing Ad Copy and Landing Page

There are some smart strategies that PPC management services providers use to increase the effectiveness of different language campaigns. For one, they may decide to ensure that landing pages are available in the same language as the one used in ads and they hire native language copywriters fluent in the targeted language to create error-free, attractive ad copy.

Break Out Into Language-Targeting Campaigns

language targeting

White label PPC management experts recommend having separate campaigns for each targeted language. For example, a French targeting campaign will only have keywords in French. Google Ads only allows language-targeting, geo-targeting and budgeting at the campaign level for existing campaigns and breaking out into different campaigns allows for greater flexibility and control.

Serve Your Ads on All Language Interfaces

As contradictory as it sounds, professional marketers recommend targeting all languages when selecting the language in which your ads will be served. By doing this, you’ll be able to connect with audiences who may be searching in several different languages and audiences who know more than one language.

If you select only one language for targeting, your ads will only show for audiences who have their interface language setting to that language. You may miss out on users who search in the chosen language from another language interface.

Combine With Geo-Targeting

geo targeting

There’s another fantastic tip to increase the effectiveness of a different language campaign – combine it with geo-targeting. It’s a great way to maximize the accuracy and effectiveness of multi-language accounts. PPC management services providers identify the geographical areas where other language ad campaigns are performing better and use geo-targeting to get ads in front of the right audience in the right location at the right time. Alternately, they exclude certain locations where ads are not performing well.

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We live in a multi-lingual world. By targeting another language that’s relevant to your business, you’ll be able to enhance the profitability of your PPC account and provide a superior user experience. Try it now!

If you are struggling to optimize your Ad campaigns to target audience speaking multiple languages then its time for you to get in touch with a PPC agency and get things sought out today.

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