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White Label PPC Experts Now Optimize PPC Ads for Voice Search

White label PPC experts are supposed to be on top of the latest trends in the pay-per-click landscape. While other marketers are still trying to optimize campaigns for mobile searches, they have already moved on to the next revolutionary trend – voice searches. Read on to learn how voice searches can impact campaign performance and what you can do to adapt.

Voice Searches are Everywhere Today

From asking about the weather outside and finding out the latest football scores to ordering pizza, voice searches are growing in popularity by the day. The internal reports of white label PPC agency reveal that voice question searches are up by twenty percent and will continue to rise.

They’re a massive opportunity for PPC marketers and advertisers to deliver a better user experience, improve campaign performance and steal a march over competitors.

Reasons for Popularity

But why exactly is voice search important for PPC? What are the reasons for its popularity? Well, it’s changing the way people search for information. By eliminating the need for a keyboard and a mouse, it provides a more hands-free experience – it’s just really easy to use.

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It’s a more comfortable option when you are on-the-go – no need to struggle with typing on a small screen. Misspellings are misinterpretations are a thing of the past. The conversational tone offers a more natural and personalized search experience.

What’s the Difference?

Offering voice search optimized campaigns to clients can be game-changer because not every PPC marketer understands the differences between voice searches and text searches or how to leverage them. Ask a white label PPC agency and they’ll have information at their fingertips.

Two variations come to mind – one, voice searches are faster and they satisfy the need to find information immediately. Second, they include long tail search terms averaging six to ten words per query whereas text searches are the mostly short tail and average one to three words per query.

Campaign Strategies for Voice Searches

So, how does a white label PPC services provider leverage the power of voice searches? Searchers adopt a more conversational tone and queries are usually in question format – what, when, how and why are the most common ones used.

A white label agency focuses on developing a strategy aligned with high-value questions and provides ad copy that answers those questions. After clicking on an ad, users will be guided to relevant landing pages with customized messaging – this will ensure high CTRs, improved Quality Score.

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Tips for Existing Campaigns

To drive performance in existing campaigns, a white label PPC services provider may decide to launch dedicated question ad groups and bid strategically on question keywords to drive high intent traffic. Implementing negative question keywords if they don’t apply to the advertiser’s products or services is another strategy.

Long-term search terms are considered to be low traffic, so a good practice is to research into high-value natural language phrases and questions and include a few keywords sets to address voice queries.

Tips for Mobile Voice Searches

Mobile voice searches are more likely to be local-based, so using natural and commonplace terms for location descriptions is also worth considering. Implementing specific ad extensions such as mobile ad extensions, action link extensions, call extensions and location extensions will make it easier for consumers to take an action.

For voice searches that are aligned with high user intent, developing contextual landing pages that provide a clear path into a sales funnel can lead to quick conversions.

The future of voice searches looks exciting but unpredictable, especially with rapid advancements in technology. With their certified expertise and ability to reinvent, white label PPC management agencies make sure campaigns remain relevant and deliver top quality results!

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