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Accelerate Conversion Rate Optimization in PPC Advertising

Do you want the best out of your PPC ad campaign? Are your ads, conversion-oriented? Do the numbers of visitors match your desired conversion goal? One of the most important aspects of white label PPC services is optimization of conversion rates. It requires extensive use of resources and time and most definitely testing, where even the smallest change can directly affect the rate of conversion in a PPC ad campaign.

The probability of a visitor becoming a potential lead or customer can increase by incorporating some of these strategies employed by PPC resellers in U.K in order to maximize ROI.

 #1 Tracking the right conversions


 The first step in enhancing conversion rates is to keep track of your PPC campaign ads. You will be able to determine the performance level by comparing it to already existing conversion rates enabling you to identify and distinguish between campaigns that are faring well and those that aren’t.

All this can be achieved by keeping in mind the goal of your PPC ad campaigns.

#2 Reverse engineering (purchase path)

Reverse engineering

The highlight of this type of conversion is to convert visitors into positive leads, even if they may not purchase or click your ad. White label PPC uses tools such as free trials, case studies, demo videos or even FAQs that influence customers who are on the fence or are indecisive.

#3 eCommerce – Product List Ads

Online purchases allow customers to see what they are getting. This warrants the use of big, high resolution, quality images as well as sufficient product description to convince the customer. Google Shopping management experts often use review tools and the addition of contact information to build the image of security and trust. eCommerce is a proven strategy used all over U.K.

#4 Align ad copy matched with the landing page

 Every time a visitor clicks your ad copy he must be taken to the right page that provides the exact information he is looking for. This will increase your quality scores and reduce the CPC or the amount of money you spend on PPC ads. Scores that are high are indicative of relevant ads increasing the conversion rate on your PPC ad campaign.

#5 Landing page optimization

Landing page optimization

A landing page must be compelling and presentable enough to catch the visitors’ attention. A captivating headline, concise and relevant information, a visually outstanding CTA button and an organized structure and design, all contribute to the making of a good landing page.

Conversion is easier and higher if the landing page is optimized for each customer. The scope of this facility can be multiplied by presenting it across all devices.

#6 Match keywords types

More customers can be reached if broader match keywords along with long tail keywords are used to reach out to target customers. Doing this will increase the rate of conversion and ensure success in running your ad campaign.

 #7 Negative keywords

In order to protect your quality score from getting affected or to reduce the number of unnecessary clicks a very simple strategy is implemented- the use of negative keywords. A PPC campaign will be more efficient, less time consuming as well as improve conversions by using the relevant negative keywords. The negative keyword list must be revised on a weekly basis to see what needs to be eliminated, retained or added.

#8 Use Remarketing


This is one of the most effective strategies used by white label PPC management professionals to hold onto a prospective customer. Sometimes visitors don’t immediately convert into clients and in situations like this, they can be reached out through remarketing. Building on their initial interest in the ads, these customers can be persistently wooed and acquired.

The key to maximizing the optimization of conversion rates in PPC advertising is making sure that you think long-term. For this reason, it would be most ideal to seek the help of professional white label PPC agencies in U.K to help make a big difference in your business.

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