Retarget Your Bounced Traffic with These 5 Remarketing Strategies

In the world of digital marketing, a powerful remarketing campaign is one of the strongest weapons every business agencies should have in their arsenals. No doubt remarketing is a magical tool, perfectly designed to help the brands flourish and to regain the bounced traffic. It is even a great way to reach potential customers and viewers with the help of effective remarketing services. If smartly executed, they will increase the conversion rate and revenue of your website appreciably.

About bounced traffic and retargeting

Retargeting is a form of online advertising consisting of remarketing ads that help in targeting the visitors who been to your website before. In another sense, it allows the marketers to follow their web visitors anonymously once they leave the page without navigating further. When someone visits a website but leaves without browsing its pages or exploring its products/ services, a bounce happens.

As a bitter truth, nearly 98% of your regular web traffic does not convert on their first visit. The high bounced rate of a website can signify that either the site is too confusing for the audience or the content is irreverent.

But before jumping on any conclusion, redesigning the site or deleting some contents, you should try out the unique art and usefulness of remarketing services.  This cookie-based technology uses simple Javascript codes to keep your brand in front of the same visitors who once showed interest to your website but left it unexplored.


Keeping these 5 remarketing strategies in your head, you can retarget the bounced traffic easily:

#1 Pixel-based remarketing:

The entire process of remarketing campaign counts on the pixels – the small, unnoticeable codes embedded on the homepage to record the cookies of each visitor. When the users visit a particular website, these pixels store an anonymous browser cookie. Later these cookies help to make these ads visible to the potential users based on their previous intentions on the website.

By introducing the new products or displaying the viewed ones on the ads, you can easily attract the attention of the viewers and increase the conversion rate. Pixel-based retargeting starts following and showing your ads the moment the visitor leaves your site, hence ensuring that your brand is not out of his mind completely.

#2 Social media strategies:

It is hard to overlook social media platforms for advertising and marketing your digital presence. However, social media based retargeting strategies are quite similar to the pixel-based retargeting. They allow you to display the ads related to the viewed products or introduce new offers to visitors who have already expressed interest in your website. The best platforms for social media remarketing like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more are ruling the virtual world at present.

#3 Email-based remarketing:

Commonly known as a list-based retargeting approach, this effective strategy of remarketing allows you to use the email addresses based on your mailing list. Make a list of all the email addresses of your existing customers, upload the list on the remarketing services platforms like Facebook or Twitter and build ads to target specifically these individuals. Eventually, this tactic will start showing its magic with high conversion results.

#4 On-site strategy:

Onsite remarketing services hold the tendency to keep the leaving visitors engaged for a long time on the website. Here, the website owners make efforts to convince the visitors for the first purchase in some unique ways like exit-intent popups or promo-code banners without interrupting their on-site experience.

#5 Creative idea strategy:

Even the smallest creative change or modification in the ad design can significantly increase web-traffic and conversion rate. In order to attract the losing audience, you need to be unique and innovative with the presentation of the remarketing ads.

There is indeed no better alternative than a successful remarketing campaign with unique marketing strategies. Displaying remarketing ads to the interested viewers will not only help your brand to reach out more and more audience but will also increase the conversion rate for your business with lucrative ROI.

Hence, the need is to bring your think tank to work and device a win-win strategy that could convert potential visitors to leads through intelligent remarketing ads.

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