How Does Google Ads Remarketing Work for Real Estate Businesses?

Imagine someone visits your real estate website, browses through particular listings but then leaves without registering or making an inquiry. As a real estate professional, you know this site visitor has the potential to become a customer. But how do you remind that person of your business or the type of listing they’ve viewed? That’s where Google Ads remarketing comes into play.

Follow Site Visitors on Other Websites

Google Ads Remarketing is a very effective way to engage site visitors who did not convert on their first site visit. This audience segment is high-quality traffic and valuable because they have become familiar with your brand. With Google Ads remarketing tools such as RLSA lists and remarketing campaigns, you can follow this high quality audience as they browse elsewhere on the internet and serve them with tailored ads.

Setting up Remarketing

To enable Google Adsremarketing, you have to meet some eligibility criteria. For example, if you want to advertise to the audience on the GDN, you will need to have at least 100 site visitors during the past 30 days. To advertise to an audience on the Search Network, you will need to have had at least 1000 site visits in the previous thirty days. If you meet eligibility criteria, your remarketing services provider can install a special tracking code on different pages of your website to collect information about site visitors.

Serve Tailored Ad Messaging

Remarketing services providers recommend installing the remarketing code on all eligible pages of a website. This will help with creating strategic remarketing campaigns with clear objectives and serving tailored ads based on visitors’ on-site activities. For example, the messaging and budget for site visitors who viewed specific listing pages or visitors who abandoned the registration process can be different from what is built for site visitors who viewed the home page.

Additional Touch Points for Brand Reinforcement

White label remarketing services providers find that retargeting is a great fit for real estate businesses. For one, real estate investment is a huge financial commitment and most people will want to explore multiple options before taking a conversion action. Remarketing provides additional touch points and allows businesses to reinforce their brand in the minds of prospects. In the time that consumers need to make a decision, real estate businesses can serve them with tailored ad copy to stay on top of their minds and convince them to come back.


Cost-Effective Conversions

White label remarketing services providers emphasize that retargeting is an incredibly cost-effective way to build leads and conversions. The audience is already vetted and is of high value. On-site conversions for real estate businesses can be in the form of contact form fills, newsletter sign-ups, property value report downloads etc. The true value of remarketing is pushing prospects further down the purchase funnel. The actual act of purchase can happen through another source.

High-Quality Audience Targeting

Another benefit of Google Ads remarketing is that it allows advertisers to define objectives based on historical data and serve tailored ads to a specific audience segment. For example, you can serve relevant ads to site visitors who viewed only two-bedroom listings in a specific locality.  And of course, you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad and is directed to a landing page. To make the best use of remarketing, ads should be clear, compelling and relevant to the audience you’re targeting.

A Word of Caution

Most advertisers see more ROI from Google Ads remarketing than they do from other digital marketing channels. In present times, nothing compares to the phenomenal reach of Google. However, it must be remembered that remarketing is not a substitute for traditional paid advertising – it should be a supplement. Advertisers should try to gather leads and generate conversions from all directions.

To stay on top of people’s minds, to reinforce the brand and to get bounced traffic back on your real estate website for conversions, AdWords remarketing is a phenomenal tool. Consult the UK’s premier PPC agency to make the most of this amazing feature!

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