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Optimize Your PPC Landing Page to Get Conversions: Know How

Are your PPC landing pages driving conversions? Do you have dedicated landing pages in place? Google Ads audit professionals recommend building dedicated landing pages that are optimized for generating conversions. Follow these tips to create effective landing pages for your PPC ads.

#1 Cover Important Elements

While evaluating the effectiveness of landing pages, PPC Google Ads audit experts check for the presence of certain important elements. These include

  • A strong headline
  • A complementary tagline
  • Meaningful information about the product/service and its benefits
  • Trust symbols
  • Testimonials
  • A strong call-to-action
  • A lead capture form with only required form fields
  • An attractive image or video that appeals to prospects’ emotional side

#2 Follow Simple Design

Landing page design should be simple and effective. A cluttered landing page can turn away prospects. The priority should be clear messaging and easy navigation that allows users to convert in a minimum number of steps.

#3 Create Dedicated Landing Pages

While reviewing accounts, Google Ads audit professionals often find multiple ad groups directing to the same landing page.

  • A better strategy is to have a dedicated landing page for each ad group that complements the keywords and ads within the ad group.
  • This allows for more targeted messaging and maximizing conversion chances.

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#4 Address User Concerns

Prospects click on an ad looking for a solution to their concerns.

  • Identify your product/service’s USP and see how you can address your prospects’ concerns.
  • Promote that information on the landing page and make sure all other elements align with this.

#5 Use Relevant Keywords

Don’t use keywords (in ads or on landing pages) simply to click bait prospects. Not only will users feel let down and not convert, but it could also affect your Quality Score.

  • Make sure keywords and ad copy are consistent with the product/ service you’re offering.
  • Maintain the consistency on landing pages as well.

#6 Create Impactful Headlines

Headlines are the first thing that viewers notice on a landing page and they should be impactful. White label PPC audit professionals make sure the headline is

  • Direct and to the point
  • Consistent with keyword and ad group theme
  • Addresses user concerns and provides a solution

#7 Include Strong CTA

The call-to-action button is something that brings users closer to conversions.

  • You should be very clear about what action you want users to take and what the user will get after clicking on the CTA button.
  • White label PPC audit professionals make sure the CTA is displayed prominently on the landing page and it’s consistent with your brand’s overall tone and style.

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#8 Include Credibility Boosters

It’s natural for visitors to have reservations about an unfamiliar business.

  • Boost your credibility by adding social proofs, testimonials or media coverage to landing pages.
  • Include user reviews or case studies of existing customers who have used your products to get prospects to convert.

#9 Optimize Landing Page Speed

Make sure the landing page is fast loading. Most people only wait a few seconds for a page to load before they bounce. Optimize page speed by

  • Compressing photos and coded content
  • Minimizing use of widgets or add-on plugins

#10 Test Landing Pages

Rigorous testing is a great way to optimize landing pages for conversions. Experienced PPC campaign audit professionals recommend two ways to test landing pages – A/B testing and multivariate testing.

  • A/B testing allows you to test two different landing pages against each other and find the best one to use.
  • Multivariate testing lets you test various elements in different combinations against each other on a single landing page.

#11 Optimize For Mobiles

User experience is different on smartphones. If you have a significant amount of traffic coming from mobile devices, you need to create mobile-specific landing pages so that you get the best possible ROI.

#12 Track Landing Page Performance

There are a number of metrics PPC campaign audit experts track using Google Analytics to evaluate landing page performance.

  • Track Bounce Rate, Average Time on Page, ‘Name of Goal’ Conversion Rate
  • Track number of visits to a Thank You Page and the number of clicks on a CTA button.

From headline to call-to-action, you need to optimize everything on landing pages. Follow the above steps to build optimized landing pages that drive conversions and sales.

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