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Regain Lost Traffic with These Remarketing Ad Strategies

In this fast pace life, remembering things feel like a mental burden that almost everybody out there wants to get rid of. Isn’t it? Is it picking up your niece from the gaming parlor or performing some specific errands? That is why; we all need reminders to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Well, Online marketing and advertising are no exception, which is why it has become necessary to target lost traffic through remarketing services.

With such sizable amount of information present on the internet, it has become too data packed for a consumer to remember which site he was browsing before, and what was the name of that product that fitted his bill.
Consumers are exposed to a lot of information when browsing the web and it all takes a funny meme on twitter to derail them from the track of a transaction, which might take forever to assist.

These are the challenges, which cannot be, eliminated from the search marketing space, as you do not have the authority, in fact, the power to stop a user’s attention from being diverted elsewhere. However, because of advancements in digital marketing, we can now set- up channels, such as remarketing campaigns to recapture the interest of non-converting users. This will help in combating some the missed opportunities.

Although, in order to gain instant positive results you need to provide a combination of compelling marketing messages delivered at a right time, to convert traffic into sales. In addition, many other factors play a role, but analyzing the mindset of your potential customers, is the most crucial.

Are they just researching, or are serious to purchase your services? Most of the time people research around, zero in on a product and wait until they get their paycheck, but that duration between, finalizing upon a product and getting their paycheck, they will forget about your site and make a purchase from another site that pops up, first in their search results.

However, you should not leave the battle without putting up a tough fight, why not bid to re-engage with a user who already has shown interest in your services? as repeat visitors are more likely to convert than first time clicks.

Now, one thing that may bug you when opting for remarketing ads campaigns is that you will feel that you are annoying users and hampering your overall branding efforts. That is far from the truth, you can easily set parameters for a cap number of impressions per user.

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Mentioned below are some remarketing ads strategies, to help you regain lost traffic –

#1 Implementation
Setting up a remarketing campaign is quite simple, and there are a number of ways to do it. To extract the most out of it you can implement remarketing code across your website that will tag users and put them on a list of Non-converting visitors. However, make sure that you do not include your “thank you” page in the list, as you do not want to target users, who have already converted. Alternatively, there is an option to set up rule based remarketing lists that will target all the users, whether potential or existing, whose URL contained your website.

Now, after you have successfully added remarketing lists, it is time for you to segment your ad groups into two sets of users. The first ad group may include those users who did not convert, which will bring in more volume and, the second ad group can include those users who did convert, comprehensiveness does not hurt anybody, does it? Just keep the bid lower as already converted users will not pay much heed to your remarketing ads, still it will help your to keep your brand afresh in their minds. This segmentation helps in preventing data mix-up with two altogether different kinds of clicks.

However, setting up of a remarketing campaign is easy, but propelling it to success, is a bit perplex, pertaining to the technicality it demands. Therefore, it is a better option to approach professional remarketing services to help chisel out the work for you.

#2 Dynamic remarketing
This is an aspect of remarketing which makes it more fun, and result oriented. Though every aspect of remarketing is result, oriented, dynamic remarketing in particular is more focused in steering long lost traffic to your bay. We hope we were able to establish our feelings. Dynamic remarketing, allows you to show the exact products a user looked at on your site in a template banner ad, which includes information from your products feed.

For instance, a user landed at your page and after a brief browsing session, logs out and performs the same activity with some other website. You can show them that exact product, with all the relevant details to direct them back to your website and make them account for a sale. Clever, isn’t it. These ads convert extremely well and are as targeted as it gets.

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving space and having a comprehensive remarketing strategy for your business will definitely help you to regain lost traffic. Moreover, timing is a key factor when striving to convert a sale and it is observed that you will need to steer users many times before they finally account for a sale.

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