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Do You Know Google Ads Includes An Extension for Local Businesses?

Good news for local businesses! Google has rolled out a new display ad format with a ‘location extensions’ feature to help local businesses maximize return on ad spend. You don’t have to be a Google Ads management professional to understand what this means because we have all the details for you.

Who is it for?

The new format of display ads with location extensions are only applicable for ads meant for the Google Display Network and not the Google Search Network. Ask any white label Google Ads services provider and he or she will tell you that the new service makes ads more relevant to nearby prospects interested in the products you’re offering and increase footfalls in your store’s offline location. The new format is designed to include a headline, ad copy and meaningful information such as photographs, store location and business hours.

Benefits of Location Extensions

Google Ads management experts are optimistic that using the location extensions feature can help businesses increase click through rates by at least ten per cent. As such, display ads, have the advantage of visual appeal to entice prospects. The best part is, the service is available free of cost and requires minimal work for set-up.

Dynamic Conversion to New Format

When you outsource Google Ads, a skilled professional might tell you that some of your display ads are already eligible for automatic conversion into the new format. If your ad carries a maximum of three 300×250 images, ad copy and is responsive to multiple devices, Google will automatically convert to the new display ad format when it detects potential prospects nearby – provided you are opted into the location extensions service.

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Enhance Conversion Rates

The new format includes contact information as well as information of business location, making it easier for prospects to contact you immediately. These factors work together to improve impression rates, click through rates and conversion rates on your ads. With an optimized call action, you can encourage prospects to contact you and once that’s done, your staff has a chance to further persuade and build customer relationships.

Increase In-store Footfalls

Even with online stores, many brick and mortar businesses encourage prospects to visit their physical store to get a better idea of inventory and establish trust. There is also the possibility that store visitors will get enamored by something that’s not advertised but available at the store for purchase and buy that too. With the location extensions feature on Google Ads, businesses can advertise to customers nearby, increase footfalls in their stores and achieve these objectives.

Simpler Local Targeting

Normally, display ad campaigns need to be optimized to ensure visibility on mobile devices searches. Now, a white label Google Ads services expert will tell you that this is an arduous and cumbersome process. But with the location extensions feature on display ads, you can eliminate clutter because Google will automatically optimize the search location to your immediate locality and display your ads only to relevant prospects who are nearby. As an advertiser, you have complete control over targeting locations surrounding your business address.

Opting Location Extension

When you sign into your Google Ads account, click the Campaigns tab, then the +Campaign button, then select Display Network only. Click on the “No Marketing Objective” option, enter campaign name, add bid strategy, add budget and check “Extend my ads with location information” option. You can further control who sees your ad by going to Location options (Advanced), and clicking on “People in my target location” option. You also have the option to disable locations extensions and opt out of the new display ads format.

For hassle free opting in, opting out and management of the new location extension, outsource Google Ads to our certified and professional team!

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