Important PPC trends to watch for in 2021

The advertising industry is constantly evolving and along with it, marketing strategies and trends must change to keep up. What is relevant today, may not be so relevant or trendy in the near future. 

In this article, we are going to discuss PPC in particular and will look at some critical PPC trends for 2021

Why is tracking PPC trends for 2021 important?

If you are an advertiser, these trends are going to be crucial to the success of your PPC campaign management. You have to consider integrating these new trends into the advertising strategy that you are developing in order to get the best results out of the campaign. 

Research suggests that the year 2021 is going to bring on a brand-new angle on marketing strategies and PPC trends, different from what is already being implemented in the industry today. These trends will generate numerous leads which will eventually convert to buying customers. This is the dream of any advertiser- to get quality leads and maximum conversions through the PPC management services they provide. 

Three new PPC trends for 2021

The current pandemic has caused businesses to adapt to new methods as buying preferences of consumers has changed drastically. As people prefer to shop online and not risk going to a physical store, businesses are also relying more on AI and bots for video conversations with customers. This has also impacted the advertising industry and how it works. With AI technology in wider use, advertisers providing PPC management services are taking advantage of this to create data-backed ads by understanding the journey of buyers. 

Market study shows that there are three critical PPC trends for 2021.  Read on to see what these are and how you can incorporate and take advantage of them to expand your business and increase profits.  

  1. Increased usage of Google Ads data hub: This data hub is a great source of information for advertisers as it has in-depth data and analysis of customer behaviour and their interaction to your company’s ads. With the comprehensive analysis that the ads data hub provides, you can measure the effectiveness of the ads across various screens and alter your PPC campaign management accordingly. It can literally be considered as a gold mine for marketers in 2021. 
  2. Automation will step in and take charge: PPC trends for 2021 show that automation will take over and play a very important role globally. With the advancement of technology in the AI and machine learning sphere, these tools can be used for testing ads and to find the right place based on consumer data. Then ads can be displayed online to get maximum viewership which will covert to buyers. Advertisers can make several tasks automated and this will reduce the labour intensity of pouring over data themselves and making decisions. AI can be used to enhance and improve ads in the following ways:
  • Rank ads based on order of those that generate top results
  • Ad auctions and bids that lead to maximum conversions
  • Create Ad performance data and reports regularly
  • Monitor displayed ads constantly and remove low-performing ads to sharpen the ad campaign results

As the AI tool observes consumer behaviour and response to the ads, it can create better ads that can lead to higher performance of your PPC campaign. 

  1. Identify key steps in the consumer’s journey: There are five stages in a buyer’s journey. Understanding these stages can help you build an effective PPC advertising campaign by tailoring the ads with the knowledge you have about your customers. They are:
  • Awareness
  • Exploration
  • Comparison
  • Conversion
  • Re-engagement

Summary of PPC trends for 2021

In a nutshell, we can conclude that this year Automation and Artificial Intelligence will be at the forefront of all PPC trends. As an advertiser, you must focus on each of the five stages of the buyer’s journey. Customers will use options such as voice search to find solutions and resolutions for their queries. To make your marketing strategy stand out, you must take it a notch higher than the competition using VR-enabled video ads and using alternate platforms such as Quora, Reddit and other similar platforms. Therefore, make sure that your advertising strategy incorporates the listed PPC trends for 2021 for your business to meet the goals you have laid out.

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