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How Do Smart Shopping Campaigns Work to Maximize Conversion Value

Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns produce a much wider reach than conventional campaigns. The added effort put into these campaigns reaps multiple rewards, including a rise in conversion rates of up to 30%. Read on to know how smart shopping campaigns work to maximize conversion value

How Do These Campaigns Work?

Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns are similar to regular shopping campaigns in terms of how they work. When users make searches on Google using terms relevant to your product feed, your products will show up at the top of the search result page, and in Google’s shopping tab. 

It Combines Remarketing and Shopping

Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns are different from standard campaigns in many ways. For instance, a Smart Shopping Campaign combines both remarketing and shopping so that both existing and new customers can be reached across multiple platforms like Gmail, Search, Display, and YouTube. No added effort is required from your side for this to happen, as the entire process is automated. All you have to do is provide a list of display assets. Google will use the information on this list with that on your product feed for promoting your products across different platforms. 

Bidding, Optimization and Targeting are Automated

With Google’s smart shopping ad services, one doesn’t have to worry about targeting, bidding, or optimization, as all of these processes are automated. Your products will be shown across numerous platforms while being constantly optimized for maximum conversion value. Smart Bidding strategies use a variety of data like remarketing data to make automated bidding decisions. 

No Need for Manual Query Reports

The automation in Google’s Smart Shopping services has also removed the need to manually obtain query reports on the campaigns being run. The Smart Bidding strategies work at a query level due to which there exists no need to manually assess the performance of search terms. In fact, one can rest assured that the performance will always be good. This is because of the wide reach of these campaigns that make ads appear on multiple networks. Advertisers usually notice a peak in website traffic right after the campaigns are run and this traffic generates greater revenue. 

Are You Eligible for These Campaigns?

Now that you’ve seen the many benefits of Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns, you might be wondering how you can avail of these services. The answer is simple – any advertiser who has a merchant centre feed is eligible to create Smart Shopping Campaigns. Experts recommend that you have over 100 active users or visitors to the website during a 30-day period before you create your campaign. This is will help in the creation of remarketing lists for the campaigns. While this is not a mandatory action, it definitely has a very huge impact on the performance of the campaign. 

Recommended Practices for Smart Campaigns

Let us now look at some practices recommended by experts for availing the best benefits from your Smart Campaigns.

  • Choosing the Bid Strategy – The very first practise is to choose the right Bid Strategy. The strategies themselves are automated, however, you can pick the strategy of your choice depending on your business objective. These objectives could be to rope in new customers, to achieve a target ROAS, or to just generate as much revenue as possible. Choose the bidding strategy that will help secure your specific objective, for the best results. 
  • Choosing target ROAS – The next recommended practice is to set a target ROAS. ROAS is the revenue generated for every £1 you spend on advertising. The target should be set in accordance with factors like the profit margins, the lifetime value of consumers, the growth goals of the business, the performance of the existing campaign, etc. The greater the data, the better the optimization, and the easier it will be to achieve target ROAS. 

In conclusion, the use of algorithmic learning and automation in Smart Shopping Campaigns have made it easier than ever to reach a wide audience and secure higher conversion values. Now that you know how smart shopping campaigns work to maximize conversion value, you can lay to rest all your apprehensions and begin today for greater conversions!

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