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Everything You Need To Know About Google Shopping Ads Campaign

In case you’re a retailer, you can utilise white label Google ads campaigns to promote your on the web and local inventory, steer traffic to your site or nearby store, and discover better qualified leads. To begin with, you need to send Google your item information with Merchant Center and create a campaign in Google Ads. At that point, Google will then use your campaign to create ads on Google and across the web where potential clients can perceive what you are offering.

These promotional activities are termed as Google shopping ads, since they are more than a content advertisement – they indicate clients a photograph of your item, in addition to a title, value, store name, and the sky is the limit from there. These promotions give clients a robust insight of the item you are offering before they click the advertisement, which gives you leads that are more qualified.

How do these campaigns and ads work?
Unlike the previous version, Google shopping ads now use your product data instead of the keywords, to decide how and where to display your ads. The product data you submit to Google contains details about your products. Google, through these details match a user’s search to your ads, ensuring that only the relevant ads are displayed to the user.

Google ads campaign

Types of ads

  • Product shopping ads
    These ads are created according to the the product data you submit through the merchant center.
  • Showcase shopping ads
    In these types of ads, grouping of your related products is done. This facilitates the user to compare several of your products and select the most relevant one.

Benefits of White label Google ads campaign

  • Increased traffic
    Businesses have witnessed a significant increase in the click through rates through Google shopping ads, as compared to the conventional content ads displayed for shopping related searches.
  • Better-qualified leads
    Google shopping ads feature rich content such as product image, detailed description and price range. This provides the customer with a robust insight about what to expect when being redirected to the sellers website. This facilitates the users to identify the product, whether it fits in their taste or not.
  • Extensive presence
    More than one of your Shopping ads can show up for a particular search and, if relevant, a Shopping ad and a content ad can likewise show up at the same time. This implies your reach with customers for a single search could twofold.
  • Powerful reporting and competitive data
    White label Google shopping ads campaign allows you to check how your ad is performing, in comparison with your competitors. This helps in identifying growth opportunities and highlights that require immediate improvement.

Google ads campaign


Requirements for setting up shopping campaigns
Google shopping has some pre-requisites that you need to regard in order to set up a shopping campaign.

  • Google account
    You need to have a Google AdWord or Google merchant account, and link them together before beginning with the set up.
  • Product Data
    Google requires up-to-date product data regularly. In addition, this data needs to fulfil the quality regulations of Google. This is done to provide the users with relevant information about your product.
  • Policies
    The content provided for your shopping ads should strictly comply with Google shopping policies. You need to ensure that your business and products promotion meet the requirement of Google Shopping policies.

Apart from displaying feature rich advertisements, you can also opt for ad enhancements to attract more users to your bay. However, it is not necessary that your enhanced ad appears everywhere on the web. This depends on the ability of a particular webpage to support such high quality ads.

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