Why Should you use Google Ads for SEO Campaigns?

The success rating of an SEO campaign can only be assessed based on the content ranking on the first page of the search results. Google Ads can be used to achieve success with every SEO campaign you run. This article lists out all the reasons why you should use Google Ads if you are looking to create a successful SEO campaign. 

Assess the potential of SEO campaigns

Every SEO campaign has a specific goal. This goal usually falls within one of the following three;

  1. Customer acquisition 
  2. Lead acquisition 
  3. Brand awareness

Conventionally, SEO campaigns are assessed based on the effectiveness of the keywords used. Google Ads allow you to collect data to help determine the keywords that have the highest rankings. It also helps test your page for conversion rates (the number of visitors to the page who make a purchase). This information is vital to assess the potential of the SEO campaign in place and allows you to make changes as is required in order to improve effectiveness of the campaign. 

Gain insights into user engagement 

User experience is pivotal in converting visitors into customers and retaining existing customers. Better user experience results in a higher ranking on the first page of the search results. Google facilitates improved user experience through their paid Ads services. Using Google Ads, you can gain valuable insight into the engagement on your page including the time spent on page, number of page views, bounce rates, etc. This analysis will allow you to optimize the content on your page so as to secure greater engagement. Such modification can help signal good user experience to Google, which will result in your page rising up the search results ranking. 

Optimize metadata to secure higher CTR

When a user enters a query into a search engine, they are presented with a list of answers to the query made. All the user gets to see are 2-3 lines of description of each result. This description is known as the metadata of the website. The more alluring the metadata, the greater the chances of the user clicking the result (click-through rate or CTR). The paid services of Google Ads can be used to test the effectiveness of your page title and the meta description of your website. This will allow you to see the effect your page title and meta description have on the CTR and helps identify the combination of title and metadata that generates the highest CTR. 

Some tips given by white label Google Ads experts

Some strategies incorporated by white label Google Ads agencies while generating effective page titles and metadata are as follows;

  • Include questions in your metadata
  • Use UPPERCASE to draw attention to your headlines
  • Include points regarding benefits

Create similar audiences for organic growth

A good SEO campaign not only brings in greater engagement to a website, but also provides for organic growth of user engagement. This is done by creating similar audiences, who are likely to share your content amongst each other and thus act as a marketing channel. The trick is to identify and bring together such similar audiences. One of the ways white label Google Ads agencies do this is by exposing those who like your content to more of them. Similarly, those who have shown a tendency to like content similar to which you publish, are also exposed to your content to secure maximum reach. 

Conclusion- make the most of Google Ads

Understanding the working of the Google algorithm is key to getting your content up on the first page of search results. Once that is down, incorporation of SEO techniques specific to the market that you are in will ensure a higher search ranking. Google Ads offer you a variety of data to create an SEO campaign that works best for you. Additionally, they also allow you to test the effectiveness of the SEO campaign created on a small scale before implementation, so you can make the necessary edits before it goes live. In short, it would be downright foolish not to take advantage of Google Ads to create an SEO campaign that will not fail.


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