White Label PPC Should Be a Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Being in the field of SEO, it is easy to discount the role of PPC in overall marketing strategy. There are various types of online marketing strategies, for instance, content increases back links, usability increases conversion rate and makes our search traffic more profitable, in addition social media and email marketing, both increase user engagement.

Moreover, to make a PPC campaign successful, you need to pay Google to send visitors to your site, which feels like an SEO failure.

SEO is a long-term procedure and it cannot, at any cost provide you instant results. However, with white label PPC, you cannot just expect, but will undoubtedly receive quantifiable results within a short duration of time. That is what makes them complement each other; they have opposing strengths and can perfectly fit in the loopholes, overlooked by either.

Many marketing agencies started as SEOs, but now almost all of them have become comprehensive in their services and are actively using white label PPC as a part of optimal marketing strategies.

When to recommend PPC marketing

#1 Quick results

SEO is a dependable platform and it has proven past records to its credentials. However, it can be a big black box to some marketing managers. Suppose you may find someone coming and, asking you to steer massive traffic within a couple of months from SEO alone.

At first, you may think that some good content and lucky outreach can make it possible, but think honestly; try to be practical, white label PPC marketing has the ability to divert sizable traffic in a cost effective way.

No, this does not mean that we are deeming SEO to be completely out of place, a good SEO strategy is crucial for a website. However, in business, emotions do not generate positive ROI, a clever marketing strategy does, and you must admit that in order to achieve marketing goals, you need to pay for qualified traffic.

#2 Target keywords you cannot rank organically for

You might have come across keywords that you will never be able to rank for, however, nothing to worry about, PPC white label marketing to the rescue. With Google Ads, we can run an Ad for a search query and can get quantifiable results hand to hand.

As we mentioned above, SEO consumes a lot of time, and it is impossible to detect any increase in ranking, as the reaction time is too slow. You might be wondering that it will work, and refrain from stashing any other strategy onto it. However, in reality, it is not working and a lot of time is wasted.

PPC’s reaction time is quick and precise, if your efforts are not working; you will get to know them quickly, and can further tweak your efforts in order to make them work.

#3 ReMarketing

PPC white label marketing has one added advantage to its credentials, i.e. remarketing. It has been observed that launching a remarketing campaign is far more successful than an organic search campaign. If someone visits your site, you already know that they are paying attention to your products and services, so proactively reaching out to them will generally yield a better return on investment than submissively waiting for them to search for your website.

If you or your clients have enough budgets to sustain PPC, it may turn out to be the most reliable return on investment amongst any online marketing strategy. In addition, you will not be charged unless you get a click and, if you maintain relevancy of your advertisements, there is good chance that traffic will be legitimately interested in converting.

Therefore, PPC white label marketing offers such lucrative offers that no other online marketing method could even think of.

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