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White Label PPC Management Services Available for Google Ads Campaigns

The growth and progress of any enterprise depends on the value it provides to the customers. Marketing a product or any business through World Wide Web lets maximum people be aware of the brand. With the increasing number of internet users worldwide and most of the searches being done on Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN, getting the highest page ranking of the websites on search engines through SEO and paid search advertising is the best way to optimize online presence and drive sales and profits of businesses.

Setting up an AdWord campaign is the most direct and effective way to target a business to the prospective clients and drive maximum internet traffic thereby pushing up sales and profits. It is a way of paid search marketing in which the text ads and video ads of a business are highlighted to the prospects whenever they search for the terms related to the selected keywords of the campaign. A successful PPC campaign would enhance brand awareness and lead your business to the forefront of competition. Moreover, being the most flexible and measurable form of digital marketing, effective PPC management services would generate maximum ROI to your business.

However, to make the most of your PPC campaign, you should select a renowned and experienced Google Ads Campaign Management Agency. The agency will provide you end-to-end services that will take care of your PPC needs and facilitate you realize your business goals in a trouble-free manner. You can even get white label PPC service for your clients that will facilitate you extend your services, enhance credibility and expand your clients’ base.

Here is a checklist of the services that you are likely to get from your Google Ads services provider:-

ppc management1. Keywords Analysis and careful selection of a group of keywords to be targeted
Selecting the right set of keywords that are relevant and well searched by visitors is vital to the success of a PPC campaign. The experts will do intensive research on keywords and will analyse your competitor as well as the interests of your target audience that will enable them to use the right group of keywords in the ad copies.

2. Intensive research of the market and competitors
This is essential as this provides a fair idea to the experts to design an appealing ad copy that will ensure that the right message reaches to the target audience. The experts design Google Ads campaigns that provide clients the flexibility to select specific target locations or even a selected group of online visitors.

3. Creating highly appealing text ad copies

How you create text ads and video ads to promote your business is what matters most to get the best results from a PPC campaign. The certified experts using their experience as well as innovative tools create appealing ad copies that hook the attention of the audience and inspire them to click through to the links to get comprehensive information and procure services.

pay per click management4. Optimizing landing pages
A landing page plays an important role in converting the website visitor into a lead once the visitor has clicked on the ad. After ensuring that the right keywords are selected, ad copy is perfect and it is targeting the right audience, the experts will check that the content of the landing page is congruent and tightened around the keywords in the ad.

5. Setting up an Google Ads account and submission of Ads
The experts will set up your Google Ads account by following the right procedure and incorporating the conversion tracking and other essential elements. They will select the geographic location and bid strategy that will allow for manually setting your bids for clicks.

6. Custom PPC audit service
PPC audit involves evaluating the overall structure of a PPC campaign, highlight its weaknesses and then enumerate steps to modify them in order to make them more effective and goal oriented.

7. Monitoring of PPC campaigns and preparing reports
The experts will track results of your PPC campaign by measuring campaign’s success in terms of a number of clicks and conversions and cost per conversions. This will help you check that your PPC campaign is leading you towards your goals.

Selecting a top-notch white label PPC management service provider would facilitate you meet your clients’ PPC needs and that will enhance your brand reputation. With the increasing demand of PPC services, many PPC companies have established them in the market promising the best returns to their clients. Selecting a certified and experienced PPC service provider would enable you get the most out of your PPC campaign.

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