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Best Tips for White Label PPC Services

Pay per Click is one of the most sought after service that facilitates businesses to streamline their brand promotion and boost their online presence as well as sales and profits. It is one of the most effective forms of digital advertising, in which a company pays a small amount to the search engine every time an online visitor clicks an ad. This facilitates many businesses get their ads displayed on the first page of major search engines that helps attract many target customers and boost sales and profits.

With the increasing demand of pay per click services, many PPC experts or agencies have established them in the market, which provide excellent quality services. A startup IT Company that does not have an in-house team of certified Google Ads experts want to cater to the PPC needs of its clients then it can hire a third party or a PPC partner who will provide white label ppc service to the clients of the IT Company.

Besides PPC, many other digital marketing services like content writing, search engine optimization, social media optimization, app development, and web design services can be availed as a white label service from a distinguished company. Getting white label PPC service from an experienced PPC ads agency would let you enhance your services, expand your clients’ base, forge credibility and cater to the needs of your clients in the most reliable way.

However, providing white label PPC service is not a smooth journey. It has its own challenges or pitfalls that require being addressed by PPC experts to enable its clients get the maximum benefits.

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Here are some tips for white label PPC service that experts suggest to make the most of this kind of digital marketing service:-

1. Play the role of an intermediary between the client and the company
An agency that provides white label PPC service requires being in the background and delivering services on behalf of the other company that has hired it. This is one of the toughest challenges, as the agency needs to provide reports to the clients and resolve many queries of the clients. With many levels of knowledge and personnel involved in planning, executing and managing PPC campaign of the clients, it may be quite challenging to cater to the clients’ needs and manage long lasting relationship without revealing its identity.

2. Ensure that clients get the reports as per their demands (preferences)
It is very important to be clear and agree upon the reporting style, frequency and metrics to be included by the client, the PPC partner and the IT agency. As the client is entitled to get the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports of their PPC campaign performance, hence the agency and the PPC service provider should be clear of the clients’ preferences before engagement.

3. Using the agency log in to connect with the clients’ Google Ads and Analytics account
It is commonly suggested to link Google Ads Account with the Analytics that helps in tracking the ads and site performance. As the client is never told about the third party or Google partner PPC ads agency, hence the PPC partner requires using agency login to get into the account and analytics of the client.

PPC ServicesConsidering the benefits of white labeling, it is emerging as a popular way to carve a niche and build an enviable brand reputation in the market. It is really a win-win situation for the client, the digital marketing agency as well as the white label service provider.

The clients get excellent results that provide them the best ROI, the agency expands its services and its clients’ base, thereby enhancing its reputation and profits while the PPC partner gets the new projects that add to their experience and keep them busy.

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